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Every business needs to know who their customers are…and what they want. Market Research Analysts provide that information. When a new product is being developed, they consider its potential sales—and the competition. They may design telephone, personal or mail interview surveys to assess consumer preferences. For all kinds of services and products, from political parties to cleaning fluids, Market Research Analysts make phone calls, mail surveys, conduct interviews in stores and on the street. Then they analyze the data they collect, for use by decision makers. Their work affects pricing, advertising, production and placement. Most market research analysts come out of college programs in economics and social sciences, and continue on through to business school graduate work. Courses in math, statistics, econometrics, sampling theory and survey design and computer science are a must. They can expect to work long hours, with tight deadlines and frequent travel. They can also expect the excitement and satisfaction of being a key component in the success of a company, candidate or issue.


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