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Now that so many of us have computers, we tend to take them for granted. We turn them on and expect them to do work perfectly. But without computer software engineers we’d be staring at empty screens. Most of these engineers are driven by an eager desire to learn what makes the box come to life—and ideas for expanding the machine’s reach. Basically, software is to computers what programs are to television. Software is the content that that you look at and interact with on a computer. With training at career school, college or a manufacturer, these engineers analyze and solve programming problems and create the framework for code writers who write the tiny steps that make up a program. They may have to work evenings or weekends to meet deadlines or solve unexpected technical problems. One of the challenges for computer software engineers is to constantly update their awareness and skills. It’s essential to have a strong grasp of mathematics and the ability to follow very detailed instructions. Software engineers also need old-fashioned communications skills, so they can analyze and meet the needs of today’s computer users, as well as the users of tomorrow.


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