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Just about everything we do has an impact on the environment. Measuring that impact is the job of environmental engineers. They apply their engineering skills to assess the effect of projected or actual human activity from the use of off-road recreational vehicles…to housing developments. They also work to manage natural resources, and control pollution. They are also involved in recycling, waste disposal and public health issues. Many environmental engineers work as consultants, helping their clients comply with regulations and clean-up operations at hazardous waste sites. Usually, environmental engineers have a four year college degree. How much training they need—and where they get it, depends on their specialization. Their specialization also affects whether they work indoors or outdoors…and how much paperwork they have to do. Environmental engineering is a career that combines practicality and creativity—because both qualities are needed to find solutions to environmental issues. When this job is done well, the earth gains a little protection, so future generations can also enjoy its bounty.


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