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It’s been said that everyone talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it. Atmospheric or Space Scientists, often called Meteorologists, are trying to change that. By studying the elements that affect weather, their work can save lives...and property. The scientists gather and analyze data from on, and above, the earth’s surface. Using computer models, they develop forecasts for upcoming weather. An important part of the job is being able to identify dangerous weather patterns and issue warnings, giving those in the path of an oncoming hurricane, for example, time to evacuate. Some Atmospheric Scientists also have their eyes on the more distant future, using their data to research issues such as global warming or ozone depletion. It’s a career that requires training in college, with earth science and meteorology courses. From there, choices range from jobs in broadcasting, to work with the Federal Government. A bachelor’s degree is generally required for entry-level positions. A Ph.D. is required for most basic research positions. One of the benefits of this career is that people will almost always be interested in what you do...because just about everybody wants to know what the weather will be like!


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