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Tremendous energy Is trapped in the nucleus of a tiny atom. Harnessing that energy is the work of nuclear engineers. They search for efficient ways to capture the bursts of energy from a disintegrating atom, and put it to use. Nuclear engineers can be found developing numerous applications for nuclear energy… including power plants for consumer heat and electricity… methods for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, preservation of food supplies, or sterilization of medical instruments… and systems to power ships and spacecraft… Nuclear engineers also make sure the atom’s awesome power is used safely and that nuclear waste is disposed of safely. The ingredients for success in nuclear engineering include strong aptitudes in physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics; as well as technical writing and computer programming. A creative approach to problem solving, and a college degree in one of the engineering sciences is also needed. Since nuclear power is used in aircraft carriers and submarines, naval experience is also a path to this career. The majority of nuclear engineers work for public utilities or engineering consulting firms. Nuclear engineers have to be very responsible people who take great pride and great care in the work that they do.


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