Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians Job Description video

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Technology evolves at such a rapid pace that keeping up with the latest products can be a challenge…especially for Electrical or Electronic Technician. They help design, develop, test and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment such as radios, radar, sonar, television, industrial and medical devices, navigational equipment, and computers. Technicians may also work in product evaluation and testing, where they use measuring or diagnostic devices to adjust, test and repair equipment. Sometimes diagnosing the problem can be difficult, requiring a great deal of patience, and other times the work can be repetitive, especially if the position is highly specialized. But if you are a good problem-solver, and enjoy updating your skills to constantly learn about the latest technology, then this may be a good career choice. As global competitive pressure grows for companies to make better, faster, or less expensive equipment, these technicians will have many new opportunities.


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