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There are occupational hazards in many jobs: Working with machinery, chemicals, toxins, or in places that are high above, or below ground can be especially dangerous. Employers are required by law to not only provide the safest workplace possible, but to properly train employees to handle on-the-job hazards responsibly. Health and safety engineers help companies understand and comply with safety laws including fire safety and prevention. Some engineers deal with product safety. They work in manufacturing to ensure that designs of new products do not create unnecessary hazards. Engineers use a wide knowledge of mechanical, chemical and human performance to analyze problems and create solutions. These are skills honed in college engineering courses and proved on licensing exams. Often travel is involved and there is a risk to exposure to unsafe conditions. Engineers might work for state or local governments, or an individual company. Any way, the goal is the safety of the work environment and the products we all use. The need for health and safety engineers in ongoing. So it's safe to say this is a career with a bright future.


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