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From toys…to skyscrapers, wiring and circuitry are the technological nervous systems of our modern world. Electrical and Electronic Drafters are the people who transform the ideas of design engineers into detailed technical drawings. Drafters may work alone or in teams. Many specialize by industry. Electrical drafters prepare wiring and layout diagrams. These plans guide workers who install and repair electrical equipment, and wire buildings. Electronics drafters draw schematics, layouts and diagrams for wiring and circuit board assemblies. These are used to manufacture, install and repair electronic parts and products. The computer aided drafting and design system known as CAD is quickly replacing hand-drawn blueprints and drawing boards. CAD systems store drawings electronically for quick duplication, revisions and adjustment. As with many computer jobs, hours in front of the screen can lead to eyestrain and backaches. Most firms look for at least an associate's degree in new hires. Electrical and electronics drafters also need to be proficient in the CAD software used by their employer. In-depth knowledge of an industry's drafting standards is a plus. Technological advances are slowing growth in this field. Increasingly sophisticated drafting software means fewer jobs for lesser-skilled drafters. Some firms outsource drafting work overseas where wages are lower. A superior grasp of math, science, and engineering technology will give you an edge in getting and keeping a drafting job.


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