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A drafter “draws” the plans that specify how something should be constructed. Engineers and architects may develop the grand design of a machine, building, or circuit board, but the drafter is the one who does the “heavy lifting” of filling in the specific details -— without which nothing could be built. The work of drafters is all around you. Your computer, your telephone, and your TV exist because a drafter at some company created a set of plans specifying how it should be built. Today, most drafters have traded their ink pens and protractors for PC’s and special “Computer Aided Design” or “CAD” software. [Narrator: Pronounce the acronym as the word “cad.”] So, the more training you’ve had in the latest versions of this type of software, the more attractive you’ll be to employers. There are drafting jobs in every manufacturing or building industry. You’ll do best if you have a natural aptitude for drawing and for thinking in three dimensions.


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