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It’s amazing for some of us to remember, that we didn’t always have Automated Teller Machines as a ready source of cash. But just as we now take ATMs for granted, we also take for granted that they work—24 hours a day. To help keep them in action, we depend on the unseen work of Automated Teller Machine Servicers. Typically, when ATMs are not working correctly, computer networks alert repairers. Common problems can include worn magnetic heads on card readers, or failures in the equipment that dispenses the correct amount of cash. Field technicians are then dispatched to the ATM –which usually can be repaired on site by replacing components. Field technicians also perform routine maintenance on a regular basis. Bench technicians repair and restore ATM parts that are removed from machines. Employers look for electronics and mechanical training from an associate degree program, the military, a career school or equipment manufacturer. Because an ATM contains money or other items of value, an excellent record is required.


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