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Centuries ago, the world was powered by streams and waterwheels. The water flowed, the wheels rotated, and the belts attached to them turned lathes, saws, and other machines. Today, the world is powered by electricity, and electrical and electronic engineers or “E-E’s” are in the thick of it. These professionals design the systems that control the flow of electrons instead of the flow of water. But many of the concepts are the same. Electrical engineers can often be found designing generators for automobiles and aircraft, and designing devices for power transmission lines, transformers, and ignition systems. Electronic engineers, in contrast, tend to focus on designing relatively small devices like cell phones, radio and TV circuit boards, and computers. In both cases, it is essential to have excellent skills in mathematics and a bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement. But masters and doctoral degrees are becoming increasingly more common. This is not an easy profession to enter; but if you have the interest, abilities, and skills, becoming an electrical or electronic engineer can be quite rewarding, both emotionally and financially!


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