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The U.S. Postal Service handles more mail than any other postal service in the world. That makes the typical post office a very busy place. Making sure that everything is operating properly is the responsibility of Postmasters and Superintendents. These senior managers oversee all aspects of the post office. From the mechanical systems that move the mail… …to the personnel that comprise the staff, this is a career that requires solid business, management and interpersonal skills. Part of the job is hiring and training employees, as well as evaluating their performance. Dealing with customer complaints calls for a friendly, even-natured disposition comfortable with problem solving. Critical thinking is also important. Postmasters and Superintendents purchase equipment and supplies and prepare reports. Many work their way up through the government postal service. A high school diploma is necessary to enter at the ground level. Additional training can be learned on the job. Hours are regular, but the postmaster may have to be flexible during high volume seasons. The post office is an indispensable link in our chain of communication. Postmasters and Mail Superintendents help ensure that neither rain, nor snow nor gloom of night will stop the U.S. mail.


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