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Information is power. The more information a company's employees have, the better decisions they can make. But for information to be useful, it must be accessible. That’s the job of computer and information systems managers. They’re often referred to as "I-T people," for Information Technology. IT managers keep computer systems working properly and efficiently. They meet with employees to determine a company's computer needs, and then work with senior management to put in place the resources to meet those needs. IT managers estimate budgets for projects such as installations or hardware and software upgrades. These managers develop computer networks and set up Internet or Intranet sites. They keep an eye on future needs too, developing backup and recovery systems and planning improvements. There are gigabytes -- even terabytes -- of details to keep track of. They oversee training programs and handle technical problems -- often under high stress. Even a brief system failure can have a major impact on productivity. The day is usually spent in a comfortable office environment. And while the job tends to follow regular business hours, depending on the employer, evening and weekend work may be required. Though a college degree is expected, this position requires a proven track record in a related occupation such as systems analyst or computer programmer. Some IT managers hold advanced degrees and certificates, or specialize in specific operating systems and administrative areas, such as security or web hosting. Many work as consultants. Because technology changes so rapidly, these workers are constantly re-training. If you love the challenges of keeping pace with computer technology, power up to a career in IT.


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