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Mental Health Counselors help to make life better for people with mental or emotional problems. They start by listening, to find out what’s wrong. They’re trained to help people talk about a wide range of issues, from depression, to substance abuse and family tensions. In addition to advising their clients, Mental Health Counselors work closely with other specialists in their field. For example, a patient might need to see a psychiatrist, who can prescribe medication. Or be connected to a social worker who runs a support group. Many mental health counselors have private practices, or work for agencies. Others are on staff at schools, senior citizen centers and even corporations. They frequently work flexible hours, often evenings and weekends. It’s a profession with national standards for education, training and clinical practice. Most states require some form of licensure or certification. The American Mental Health Counselors Association is the professional organization that oversees all counselors. Membership requires a master's degree in counseling, clinical work experience and passing a license exam in the state where you plan to practice. Mental Health Counselors need compassion…and strength. It’s not easy to listen to people struggling with serious problems. But knowing how to help them can be very rewarding.


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