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Buried underground are many minerals and other valuable deposits. Getting to them often requires the expertise of Earth Drillers. Mining companies use Earth Drillers for exploration. They dig up core samples that are then analyzed by geologists and other experts. Drillers are also employed to tap sub-surface water and salt deposits…to do soil testing… or to dig for construction projects. The work can be very demanding physically. Operating a drill means you’re often inside a noisy, vibrating piece of machinery for long hours at a stretch. And you’ll be expected to be on the job in all weather conditions. While anytime you work with heavy equipment there is always an element of danger, Earth Drillers have an added risk. They are sometimes called upon to handle explosives. Some drillers go underground, operating earth-boring machines that dig tunnels. You can learn to operate the machines and their various drills in a technical school…or through on-the-job training. You’ll also need to know how to maintain the equipment, as well as have a working knowledge of the appropriate drills to use for specific jobs. This is a job for people who have good eye-hand coordination skills and who like the challenge of digging out the secrets hidden underground.


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