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Chemicals make up our world. Some are natural. Some are made by humans—synthetic. But each chemical has its own particular way of behaving under changing conditions such as heat, exposure to light, and combination with other substances. Chemists study how chemicals affect each other, and how they interact with the environment. Usually they specialize in a particular kind of chemistry. They use their knowledge to contribute to many different fields, from energy development to medicine and food processing. The list of products invented either through the direct involvement of chemists, or through their basic research, goes on and on: drugs, fibers, paints, adhesives, cosmetics, and electronic components, to name just a few. Along with research and product development, chemists also work at chemical manufacturing plants, in production and quality control. To find employment as a chemist, you will almost always need at least a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related science. Many working chemists have master’s degrees, or a PhD’s. In the years ahead, more openings for chemists are expected in drug manufacturing, and firms that provide testing services. For any chemistry position, curiosity, the ability to focus on details, and pains-taking follow-through are essential “elements” of success.


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