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In the United States, when a person is convicted of a crime, and sentenced to serve time behind bars, the system doesn’t lock the door to the felon’s future. Even while in prison, an inmate has an advocate. That person is called a Correctional Treatment Specialist. Correctional Treatment Specialists interview prison inmates, and make recommendations for rehabilitation, parole and release plans. The plans might include treatment for drug addiction, an educational program—whatever the specialist thinks might make a positive difference. Correctional Treatment Specialists draw on skills learned in college coursework in subjects such as psychology, social work and criminal justice. It takes a vivid contrast in character traits to be a good Correctional Treatment Specialist. You must be strong enough to stand up to people who can be angry, antisocial, and even violent. And yet, you should be sensitive enough to want to understand the needs and hopes of your clients. You could be their best link to a better life.


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