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The legal system can be confusing and overwhelming to most people. To help individuals and corporations understand and apply the law, attorneys (who are more commonly called lawyers) counsel clients about their legal rights and obligations, and suggest particular courses of action in both business and personal matters. The more routine and most common tasks of a lawyer might include drawing up legal documents such as wills and contracts, while the more visible tasks involve trying cases in a court of law. To effectively carry out these duties, lawyers must be able to interpret complex legal documents and apply them to the appropriate situations. If you’re interested in practicing law, you should be intelligent, well-spoken and determined, willing to work long and irregular hours. Excellent research skills are also essential since the more you know about a case and related historical information, the better chance you have of winning the case. This occupation also requires an ability to deal with people in a courteous and efficient manner. Perhaps the most important quality a lawyer can possess is that of moral and ethical integrity. A successful representative of this profession is a person who is honest in every aspect of the job. As long as you can live up to all of these demanding qualities and duties, a fulfilling career in law may be the right profession for you.


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