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Store window displays can be as elaborate as a theatrical production. Or they can be straightforward presentations of what’s for sale—and for how much. But somebody has to put those things in the window! And that person is called a “window trimmer.” The goal is to catch the eye, and make merchandise look irresistible. It’s a job that requires creativity, the ability to work under pressure, and marketing skills—you need to understand what kind of shopper the store wants to attract. Teenagers? Young professionals? The window has to make the connection, and often it reinforces advertising in other media. And the goods inside the store should be arranged attractively too. A display designer needs to be able to work with the employer to determine the kind of shopping done at a particular store, so the displays work well for both customers, and sales people. Small stores often handle their own displays with employees who have other duties. But there are full time merchandise display designers, and window trimmers at department stores and retail chains. A related profession is designing displays for trade shows. These are conventions that focus on particular industries. With multiple booths competing for attention, a designer who can make a booth stand out can make a big difference A wide variety of backgrounds can serve as a foundation for this field, from on-the-job training to formal design education, or even set design classes at art or drama schools. In fact, display design can be a stepping-stone toward other design or marketing careers at the company where you start…or beyond.


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