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Surgical technologists and technicians are indispensable members of the modern medical community. They are needed to help set up the operating room, sterilizing and setting out the necessary surgical instruments, making sure equipment is working properly. They may also prepare patients for a procedure, by shaving and cleaning incision sites. The job also can involve transporting patients to the operating room and covering them with sterile “drapes”. Surgical technologists and technicians work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and in private doctors’ and dentist’s offices where surgical procedures are performed. Sometimes they’re hired by a specialized surgeon to be what’s called “private scrubs,” joining a team trained for complex procedures such as transplants. This career requires the ability to handle blood, laboratory samples, communicable diseases, strong odors and surgical procedures without flinching. Night and weekend work is common. Training for a surgical technician’s certificate lasts 9 months to two years, is available at community and junior colleges, vocational schools, universities, hospitals, and in the military. High school graduation is usually required for admission to these programs. Once you’re certified, you are required to re-certify periodically through continuing education or examinations. You have to demonstrate you are reliable, orderly, capable with your hands, and emotionally stable. Someone’s life might well depend on it.


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