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Life presents challenges for all of us. But for some, those challenges are made even more difficult by disability. Helping people overcome disabilities is the job of Rehabilitation Counselors. They provide practical help and emotional support for clients who are struggling with the effects of illness, disease, birth defects, accidents, or the stress of daily life, and guide them back to productive lives.. They evaluate strengths and limitations of individuals, provide counseling, and arrange for medical care, vocational training and job placement. They work toward increasing their client’s capacity to live independently. The rehabilitation counselor is an important link between the client with a disability, the client’s family, employer, doctors, teachers—anyone whose help and understanding are needed. Good communication skills are vital, as the counselor often interviews many other people besides the client, to develop a complete profile of what can be done, and how to accomplish it. The goal might be finding the right kind of school…job training…therapy…or employer. Or the goal might be finding ways to use technology to minimize the effects of the disabilityand promote independence. In any case, the rehabilitation counselor strives to help clients become tax payers not tax users. The rehabilitation counselor must be empathetic, assertive, and well trained. Colleges offer four year rehabilitation counselor programs, but many employers require a master’s degree in the field, and certification by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification. Some states now require a license. For patients dealing with a disability, a rehabilitation counselor can make the difference between a bleak future, and a future filled with hope.


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