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At the nation’s borders, and within, Customs Inspectors enforce laws about who and what can come into, and leave the United States. Customs inspectors work for the federal government as part of the U.S. Customs Service. Their job is to inspect cargo, baggage, and articles worn or carried by people, boats, trains, and planes entering or leaving the country. They search for illegal substances, such as drugs, and make sure laws governing imports and exports are observed. Customs inspectors carry the authority of law. They can seize prohibited or smuggled articles, and apprehend, search, detain and arrest people who violate U.S. laws. Whether working with a dog to sniff out contraband from around the world brought back from an overseas vacation…or checking out the cargo hold of an ocean going freighter, Customs Inspectors help to protect the public from criminal activity—and dangerous germs and pests. If you think you may be interested in this I law enforcement position, you must apply for a civil service examination. You must be a U.S. citizen, and pass a drug screening test. The Customs Service provides training, but a college degree in law enforcement, and knowledge of a foreign language may enhance your chances of being hired, and advancing in the agency.


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