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From the foods we eat, to our clothes, furniture and automobiles, chemicals play a large role in our lives. Chemical engineers convert scientific discoveries into marketable products. Chemical engineers are involved in many aspects of; chemical production, research and design, as well as, in the construction and operation of industrial plants. They conduct research to develop new manufacturing processes, analyze operating procedures, equipment and machinery functions and make recommendations for reducing processing time and cost. Frequently, chemical engineers specialize in one area, such as food, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals or consumer products such as plastics, detergents, paint and synthetic textiles. Other chemical engineers who have knowledge and experience in both the scientific and production aspects of the work may be employed as administrators, project directors, sales engineers, or technical consultants. Chemical engineers usually have a bachelor's degree, but those working in research often have a Master's or Ph.D. As chemical and manufacturing companies develop new products and more efficient processes, they will continue to need chemical engineers to implement their plans.


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