Marine Engineers and Naval Architects Job Description video

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Whether it’s a motorboat… ....or a cruise ship… Someone has to design it…and figure out how to make it move. Naval Architects work on the basic design – and oversee construction. From the shape of the hull to the size of the captain’s bridge…they consider every aspect of the way a ship will look, and perform. To do this, they work closely with… …Marine Engineers. Because the engineers develop, inspect, and help operate the systems for propelling the ship safely and efficiently. Both the architect and the engineer must consider the demands that will be placed on the boat – in all kinds of conditions. And while ships have sailed the seas since ancient times… …in the modern era computers are needed to help with the complex calculations… … such as determining where the ship’s center of gravity will be… …and how much weight it can carry. Naval Architects and Marine Engineers require specialized training in college level programs. Their work calls for strong math, reasoning and problem solving skills. While this is not a field that is growing quickly, the need for these experts is expected to be steady. This is because Marine Engineers and Naval Architects design vessels that are indispensable to world commerce.


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