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Finding and uncovering clues explaining the history of mankind. That’s the intriguing work of Archaeologists. The ruins of buildings, tools, pottery and other objects hold the answers to how people lived in the past. Archaeologists are the social scientists who study these objects to discover their significance. Many archaeologists specialize in a particular region of the world. They may travel to remote areas and live among the people they study. Their work can be under rugged conditions and a great deal of physical exertion is often required. Locating artifacts can be tedious and tiring. Once found, they need to be handled delicately. As scientists, archaeologists must make careful measurements and notes…paying great attention to even the tiniest details. They are trained in the latest techniques for preserving and storing the artifacts, often through internships and fieldwork as students. A natural curiosity is invaluable. Archaeologists are always looking for new information. Like solving a puzzle, they try to piece together an understanding of the way man lived. In addition to field and lab work, many archaeologists teach. Most of them have a Ph.D. We would know very little about how our ancestors lived and interacted, if not for the painstaking and meticulous work done by Archaeologists.


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