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Cashiers account for the sale of a store’s merchandise - an important responsibility in helping businesses run smoothly and efficiently. To be considered for this kind of job, a store manager must believe an applicant to be trustworthy, since cashiers are given tremendous faith in safeguarding a business’s money. Duties include weighing produce and bulk food, receiving money, totaling bills and returning any change, and filling out charge forms and giving receipts. After a purchase has been made, cashiers often wrap or bag the purchase. They also handle returns and exchanges. These duties require patience and respect for customers, as cashiers are often the only direct contact between the store and the customer. Advancement opportunities for cashiers vary. For those working part-time, promotion may be to a full-time position. Others may advance to head cashier or cash office clerk. Most important, this career offers a good opportunity to learn an employer's business, and can serve as a steppingstone to a more responsible position.


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