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If you enjoy interacting with people, like to dress well and give a good impression, and need a job that doesn’t require a lot of training, you might consider finding work as a host or hostess in a restaurant, lounge, or coffee shop. This is not the best-paid position in the establishment, but it’s vitally important because the host or hostess is the first impression a customer receives. The host or hostess is often responsible for taking reservations, guiding customers to tables, providing them with menus and making sure they receive prompt and courteous service. In some businesses, the host or hostess is also the cashier. Knowledge of a foreign language may be helpful in restaurants specializing in foreign food. A host or hostess is usually not tipped directly by customers, except in some very up-scale restaurants, but might receive tips if the staff combines them in a pool. That’s a subject to explore when you interview for the job. In most places, the job of host or hostess is pretty simple to learn and fairly low stress, so this is a good job to consider if you need work while attending school, writing a novel, auditioning for acting roles or getting used to a new city. Part-time work and split shifts are fairly common. You will also often work on weekends, evenings and holidays. Two things you’ll need to bring with you to the job every day are a positive attitude, a neat and clean appearance and a smile!


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