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Skin care treatment is an increasingly important part of the beauty business. Also called estheticians, skin care specialists cleanse and beautify skin by giving facials, full body treatments, head and neck massage, and some kinds of hair removal—such as waxing or electrolysis. Not all skin care specialists provide all of these services; it depends where they work and how they’re trained and licensed. Skin care is a part of the field of cosmetology which most states regulate with licensing. Public and private schools offer courses in cosmetology; skin care education covers the use and care of instruments, hygiene, basic anatomy and physiology, and recognition of certain skin ailments. It’s important to know what skin problems should be referred to a health care provider. Skin care specialists find work in salons, spas, and department stores. They might also become sales representatives for cosmetic firms. As you gain experience, you might open your own business, or work as an examiner for a state licensing board. To make this career successful, you need to keep up with new advances in science and treatments. And—you should find pleasure in helping other people look their best.


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