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Buying or selling a house is the biggest financial transaction in most people's lives, and real estate sales agents are intimately involved in every part of the process. Some agents specialize in commercial and industrial property, but the vast majority work in the residential market, usually in association with a licensed real estate broker. The broker provides office space and support services while the agent sells the property. And the two split the six to seven percent commission on the sale price of the house. As a result, many real estate agents can earn a comfortable living selling only a few houses a year. But there is a great deal of competition, and most agents have to accommodate the schedules of potential buyers and show homes at irregular hours. Hosting "open houses" on weekends may also be part of the job. Of course, selling real estate isn't just about money. It's also about people's dreams. And few things are more satisfying than matching the right family to the right house, which you know they'll turn into a real home!


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