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Companies, plants and stores use Stock Clerks to receive, sort, unpack, store and keep track of materials or products. Most stock clerks work in grocery and department stores. Stock clerks check deliveries against invoices for accuracy and for damages. The items are then organized, marked and placed into the inventory system. Bar code scanners and computers are often used to track the items. In many retail operations, the stock clerk also takes the items to the selling floor and packs the items on the shelves or racks. As items are removed from the stock room, stock clerks adjust their records to reflect this activity. These records are then used to place new orders. The job can often be strenuous, requiring a lot of standing, bending, lifting and carrying. Some clerks also operate machinery to lift and move stock. There are no specific academic requirements for entry-level clerks. A high school diploma is preferred. Reading, writing, math and verbal skills are necessary. Typing, filing and computer skills are helpful. Stock clerks can work part time or full time. Some stock clerks advance to become warehouse managers or purchasing agents. If you are looking for an entry level job with few educational requirements, a position as a Stock Clerk could be a good choice.


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