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Automotive body repairers are modern-day magicians. They have the power to restore a wrecked car so completely that it looks and operates like new. Sometimes, bent frames must be straightened using powerful machines. Hoods, fenders, and other body panels are then removed and repaired using hammers, anvils, and other special tools. When a dent cannot be pounded out, body repairers may use patching compound that can be filed and smoothed to match the rest of the panel. In smaller shops, the repairer may also paint the repaired pieces. You can learn the necessary skills on the job. But as the materials used in automobiles become more varied, repair techniques become more complex. All of which makes the formal training offered by trade schools and similar institutions increasingly desirable. The job can be dirty and noisy, but it is rarely boring. After all, each wreck that comes in presents a new set of challenges!


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