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For many people, motorcycles are not just machines; they are symbols of excitement and freedom. As aging baby boomers find themselves with increased leisure time and spending money, more and more are swelling the ranks of motorcycle enthusiasts. That means more work for motorcycle mechanics. You can get mechanical training in career school or on the job. Some manufacturers offer training to mechanics in their dealerships. If you learn this way, you’ll probably specialize in a particular brand of motorcycle. Other mechanics are employed in general repair shops. They’ll find themselves working on everything from a little moped…to a big touring bike. Mechanics prevent problems by routinely inspecting, cleaning and adjusting various parts of the motorcycle. They also diagnose and repair problems. The work is very physical with a lot of bending and lifting. And you will get dirty. Repair shops can be noisy. But despite it all, most motorcycle mechanics love the machines. When the workday is done, it’s not unusual to see mechanics put away their tools…and ride off on their own bikes.


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