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): When a production line stops, a company stops making money. Maintenance machinists are crucial to keeping production running. Machinery maintenance workers, also called industrial mechanics, or maintenance machinists, not only repair broken machines but must also be able to spot minor problems and fix them. For this reason preventive maintenance, inspection and checking performance is a big part of the job. When a machine breaks down, the maintenance machinist must analyze the problem, disassemble the machine, repair or replace the problem parts, and re-assemble the machine. Because factories and other facilities cannot afford breakdowns of industrial machinery, maintenance mechanics may be called to the plant at night or on weekends for emergency repairs. Overtime is common among machinery maintenance workers. Mechanical aptitude and manual dexterity are important characteristics for workers in thisjob. Because repairs may require lifting heavy objects or climbing to reach equipment located high above the floor, good physical conditioning and agility are required. Machine maintenance workers can enter the job through a 4-year apprenticeship sponsored by a trade union. Other workers start as helpers and pick up the needed skills. Companies rely on talented employees and quality machinery. Making sure the equipment runs properly is the job of the machinery maintenance worker.


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