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When it comes to buying meat, poultry or fish, consumers want more than just a good price. They want products that have been prepared properly and safely. That’s the responsibility of Meat, Poultry and Fish Cutters and Trimmers. Cutters and trimmers first inspect the food, to insure that it’s free of defects or bruises. Then they’ll clean, slice and section the product. With meat and poultry, bones and excess fat may be removed. With fish, the process of removing bones and other parts that are inedible is called “filleting.” So these workers need to be skilled in using knives, cleavers and electric cutting tools. To meet government health standards, most processing areas are refrigerated. Low temperatures help keep the food fresh during preparation. Being able to pay careful attention to your job despite the chilly working conditions is important. Special sanitary measures must be followed as well, such as wearing hair nets and gloves. Most cutters and trimmers work a steady, 40-hour week. You can learn on the job, usually from a more experienced worker. This work can be repetitive and physical strength may be required. Large sections of meat…or boxes of poultry or fish can be heavy to move. Whether working on an assembly line in a large processing plant… Or at a counter in the local supermarket….Cutters and Trimmers play an important role in helping to feed the nation.


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