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Welders cut, gouge, finish, and--most importantly--join pieces of metal. Any kind of metal: steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminum, or whatever else the job involves. Welders do their work by literally melting the edges of the metal pieces, forcing the materials to flow together, and then letting them cool to form a solid bond. Often a metal welding rod is melted as part of the process to supply the additional material needed to complete the weld. Some welders use torches that produce flames as hot as 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Others use electrical current to create an arc between their tools and the work piece. Protective clothing, including gloves and a helmet with view plate, are essential. Plastics and other "wonder" materials may get all the headlines. But the world is still made of metal. Cars, ships, airplanes, bridges, skyscrapers —all of these require people who can properly weld metal!


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