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also check the work of other people. Just about every manufactured product, from the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, to the cars we drive, are subject to inspection. And we’re fortunate to live in a country that maintains strict standards to make sure food, drugs and products are as safe as possible. Some inspectors, testers and graders work for the government. But most work for the companies whose products they check. And they check not only what goes out the door, but also every stage of production. Depending on what kind of item they handle, this job might require a good sense of smell or touch, a thorough knowledge of a production process, or excellent hand-eye coordination. It certainly requires a strong sense of honesty, duty, and attention to detail to be done well. You have to be able to shut down a production line, or reject a shipment of meat, if the goods don’t make the grade. The degree of training depends on the job. For some inspectors, who examine an item and give it a pass-fail “grade,” a high school diploma might be enough. Complicated testing and grading procedures are handled by experienced precision assemblers, who may receive additional training. Many companies prefer to choose likely candidates and train their own inspectors. But increasingly, inspection is handled at some levels by automated equipment, so it is expected that the number of inspecting, testing and grading jobs will decline in the future.


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