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Glass making is an art…a science...and an industry. Glass blowers are skilled in a craft that takes strength, steady hands and care. A glass tube is heated to the melting point, then breath or compressed air is used to give the tube shape. The blower uses special tools to manipulate this molten glass into the intended form. Glass blowers may learn the job as an apprentice to a master glass blower. Some colleges offer certificate or associate degree programs in scientific glass technology or glass art. Craft schools may also offer training. In some plants OJT is available. Glass Molders, Benders and Finishers are trained in particular stages of glass production. They pour the glass into molds, bend it into shape, and polish the surface. Glassware made in a factory setting also begins in the molten state. However, in today’s environment much of its production is handled by machines. For both hand and machine made glass, the final touch is an inspection—to make sure the object made will perform as intended, whether to hold water on the dining room table or, to hold attention…as a work of art.


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