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One of the key players on any sports team never takes the field -- the athletic trainer. This member of the team keeps players in top shape. The most important part of the job is helping athletes prevent and recover from sports injuries. Working closely with team doctors, trainers wrap injuries and supervise physical therapy. Athletic trainers study practice sessions, and provide individualized exercise routines for athletes to improve their performance. Trainers spend a lot of time in gyms and locker rooms, as well as on the road traveling to sporting events Gametimes are usually at night, on weekends or holidays. A trainer might need to find other employment during the off-season, often in hospitals or clinics. A love of sports is a good starting point. But a college degree in athletic training, sports medicine, physical education or a related field is usually required for entry-level positions. Employers look for certification from the National Athletic Trainers Association. Many states require a license as well. The most desirable jobs are with pro teams. However, trainers generally need to start out at the high school or college level and work up to more prestigious -- and higher paying positions in the professional arena. But no matter the sport, the greatest reward for an athletic trainer is helping athletes achieve their personal best.


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