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Whether cross-town or cross-country, bus drivers are people movers. Inter-city bus drivers operate vehicles that go between regions or states, transit bus drivers operate busses in large metropolitan and suburban areas, and motor coach drivers take people on charter excursions or tours that may last several days. Some drivers are responsible for collecting fares and issuing transfers. Bus drivers are expected to keep to fixed routes and schedules. They are trained to operate their vehicles safely under all traffic and weather conditions. Since they deal with the public, a courteous attitude and good communications skills are needed. While the job is not physically strenuous, it can be fatiguing and stressful. Bus drivers must have a commercial drivers’ license, good hearing and vision, and a good driving record. Drivers may work nights, weekends and holidays. Some transit bus drivers may work “split shifts,” driving in the morning and evening rush hours, with time off in between. If you like driving and are good with people, getting behind the wheel of a bus may be just the ticket to a satisfying career.


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