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The goal of every business is to sell its products. And whether the product is a book, a bagel, or a bottle of liquid hand soap, the same elements are involved: market research, advertising, sales, public relations, and promotions. Marketing supervisors and managers are the people who oversee and co-ordinate all of these activities. It goes without saying that marketing managers need an in-depth knowledge of each of these areas. They've got to know statistics to interpret market research and advertising data, but they must also have a creative flair and a "sales personality." It's a rare combination, made even rarer by the need for superb management skills. In a modern marketing "campaign," everything must go like clockwork. The product has to be on the shelves when the ads run on television. The magazine, TV stories, and press releases arranged by the public relations department must appear as the ads are running. Coordinating all of these elements can be a major headache. But when everything comes together and the product begins to sell--when you see your efforts and those of your colleagues directly paying off in increased profits for the company--you discover the true meaning of "job satisfaction!"


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