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Recreation and celebration in America is big business! Just about everyone likes to play and party, and for every form of fun, there is work to be done! From baking special cakes, to managing betting at a casino, there are many ways to make a living in the field of hospitality and tourism. Many jobs in this field do not require more than a high school degree. Training is supplied on the job for such positions as janitors and cleaners, bakers and food preparation workers, bartenders and amusement and recreation attendants. This is a good industry to look into, if you need part time or seasonal work to supplement your income while going to college. If you take a job as a hotel clerk, a waiter or fast food cook, you’ll have experience you can take to similar businesses everywhere, when you need employment. You will need to prove your trustworthiness. Businesses that rely on the good will of the public demand a neat appearance, courteous behavior and a track record of honesty and dependability. This is a good field for people who like to be with other people—a ready smile, and the ability to listen will enhance your job performance. There are positions in the hospitality and tourism sector that call for a college degree or vocational training. The more education you have, the better positioned you’ll be to move up within a company, or start a business of your own. So even if you have your heart set on being a hiking guide, consider being a guide with a degree! The more education you can call on, the more flexible you can be in your career choices in the years ahead.


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