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Years ago, the keyword for new college graduates was steel. Years later, the hot industry was plastics. Today, it is computers. Computer engineers design new computers and computer-related devices. They have a detailed understanding of microprocessors, computer chips, and other components, which they apply to designing circuit boards, scanners, printers, monitors, hard disk drives, and many other computer devices or add-ons. However, since "hardware" is useless without "software," computer engineers also work closely with software engineers to make sure that the equipment does what it is supposed to do when manufactured. To obtain a job in this field, you'll need a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or math at the very least. But for people with the interest and talent, education isn't the hard part. The hard part is keeping up with a technology that changes almost every day. New chips, new designs, new components--the pace can be staggering. And the pressure of intense industry competition can be punishing. Some people thrive in such an environment. And the rewards for them can be significant. Computer engineers are in such high demand that companies are expected to continue to vigorously compete for their services, with signing bonuses and other enticements, for the foreseeable future.


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