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If you enjoy developing scientific theories and devising tests to prove them, a career as a biological scientist could prove challenging and rewarding. Biological scientists study living organisms. They specialize in a particular area of biology, such as the study of animals: zoology, or the study of tiny organisms: microbiology. Their research can lead to improvements in medicines and the environment. Some biological scientists are employed by private industry, performing research, testing and the development of new products. Others seek grants to cover the cost of specific research at government laboratories or universities—where they might also teach. And trained scientists are always welcome in middle and high school classrooms, where their hands-on experience in applied science enhances their ability to engage young people. Most biological scientists have advanced degrees: a master’s or PhD. But some non-research positions require only a bachelor’s degree. Some of the work that biological scientists do involves toxic substances or dangerous organisms. But the scientists protect themselves by following safety procedures. They are pioneers on the frontiers of research, making the world better for those who follow.


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