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Learning simply for pleasure or for personal improvement is called “self enrichment.” It’s a fast growing field in education. The people who provide the instruction are called Self-Enrichment Teachers. Classes range from music or crafts…to courses on subjects like family budgeting, computer skills and scuba diving. In fact, there’s probably a self-enrichment class for just about any topic you can imagine. Unlike formal schooling, attendance is mostly voluntary. Classes tend to be scheduled for evenings and weekends. Teachers must speak clearly, feel at ease in front of a class, and be able to present their instruction in an interesting way. They are expected to prepare lessons before classes and keep up-to-date on their subjects. The main educational requirement for these instructors is expertise in their fields. Teaching courses that deal with issues of safety may require special certification. Most Self-Enrichment Teachers work for public or private educational institutions, such as colleges or boards of education. Some work for providers of social assistance or amusement and recreation services. Jobs are usually part-time and rarely include benefits. Employment prospects are good. More and more people are becoming interested in learning for self improvement…or just for the sheer fun of it.


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