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There are few careers more challenging and more rewarding than being a member of a college faculty. Teaching at a college or university means dedicating yourself to not just the pursuit of knowledge…but to passing on that knowledge. It requires the ability to plan course objectives, prepare instructional materials and evaluate the work done by students. In small groups or large lectures, being a faculty member demands strong communication skills. Faculty are also often expected to spend a good part of their time doing research and writing articles and books. At most institutions, there are four levels of faculty: instructor…assistant professor… associate professor and professor. To be eligible for most full-time faculty positions, you’ll need a Masters degree or PhD. Openings can be scarce, and competition fierce. A common goal is tenure track placement, which means you can work toward a permanent position on the faculty with full privileges and benefits. Those benefits can be extensive, including housing, paid sabbatical leaves, tuition waivers for dependents, And the opportunity to participate in campus life.


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