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The world of cameras and photography is becoming increasingly complex. What once was a simple mechanical matter of allowing light to enter a box and engrave an image… now can involve complex electronics and computer chips. So camera and photographic equipment repairers need very specific knowledge and training. Career schools offer classes in subjects like computer or film technology. Manufacturers and retailers offer on-the-job training. The tasks vary widely, covering everything from the repair of a conventional reflex camera …to the latest digital device. These jobs require an ability to work with your hands on tiny mechanisms…and excellent eyesight. You may need to be familiar with sophisticated instruments that measure parts and check settings. You may also work on older cameras, where the right parts may not be available. In these cases you have to build replacements parts or strip junked cameras. When machining parts you may use a lathe, grinding wheel or other metalworking tools. Cameras and photographic equipment must be in perfect working order to perform well. So when it comes to repairing them, the “focus” is definitely on patience and precision. With the growth of computer and Internet technology, digital cameras are becoming increasingly popular. So job opportunities for camera and photographic equipment repairers should continue to develop.


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