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Private detectives and investigators have been the subjects of countless movies and TV shows. But while being a "P.I." can be exciting, real life is nothing like the movies. Patience, persistence, attention to detail, and excellent research skills are what really count. Insurance companies and government agencies hire P.I.s to help eliminate fraudulent disability claims. Performing background checks on prospective employees may also be part of the job. Single mothers trying to trace "deadbeat dads," and creditors trying to find people who have skipped out on their debts are often good clients. So, too, are companies interested in verifying that the firm they want to buy really owns the assets it claims. A background in law enforcement can be helpful. Even more important is knowing how to find and search through public records such as those for driving, bankruptcy, or real estate. More often than not, this ability, combined with the cleverness to go new places without drawing attention to yourself, will be the keys to being successful at “solving the case!”


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