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When a product is sitting on the shelf, it’s easy not to notice it. The job of demonstrators and product promoters is to bring the product to a shopper’s attention. Demonstrators promote sales of a product to consumers. Product Promoters try to induce retail stores to sell particular products and market them effectively. They work in stores, on television and sometimes door-to-door, showing potential customers why a particular item is a must-have. This is not a job for the shy or withdrawn. It’s an enterprising occupation that often comes with a commission for each sale. That adds enthusiasm to the pitch. But it helps if you believe in the product, too. Some demonstrators and product promoters are hired part-time during holiday shopping rushes, or during special promotions. So this is a job that might fit in with other activities, such as going to school, or auditioning for a job as an actor. Certainly acting skills can be called into play. You have to appear as enthusiastic about the product you’re demonstrating on the fiftieth pitch of the day, as you did on the first. If you’re interested in this field, you can get a referral from a working product demonstrator. Or check the yellow pages for in-store or retail promotions firms. Some advertise in the classified ads in the newspaper. Once hired, you’ll probably be given specific script to use by the product manager. But the charm, clarity and credibility needed to convince the customer, will be all yours.


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