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Library assistants keep libraries running smoothly by keeping an increasingly diverse array of library resources in order so that they can be easily located. They are paraprofessionals who work under the direction of librarians or library technicians. They perform a wide-ranging list of duties. They're familiar with different filing and cataloguing systems. They may keep the lists of overdue items and send out notices of fines. They even make repairs to worn or damaged materials. Bookmobile drivers are library assistants who do the same work while covering much more ground, taking busses and vans stocked with books to designated locations on a regular schedule. They receive and checkout books and collect fines while maintaining and organizing the changing collection of library materials. Bookmobile drivers may be the only link some people have to their library system. They often serve schools, nursing homes, hospitals and remote areas, far removed from the library building. The tasks can be repetitive; library assistants may spend a lot of time on their feet. Many libraries are phasing out bookmobile service. But opportunities remain good in this field inside libraries and it is an attractive one for people who want a part-time work schedule. The pay is relatively low for this job and the hours may be long and varied. Assistants can be promoted to library technicians or other supervisory positions. Technology is changing libraries, but a love of the written word—no matter what form in which it’s printed--continues to be a major motivation for anyone who wants to work in this field.


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