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People who come to work in the gaming industry, often start as gaming change persons and booth cashiers as these positions may be learned on the job. To hold one of these positions you have to be good with numbers, because the entire day is spent exchanging coins for paper cash and accurate financial accountability is a mainstay of the casino industry. The gaming change person wears a money belt or pushes a change cart, and moves around the area on the casino floor where slot machines are located providing change for players. When the jackpot alarm bell rings, and the jackpot is higher than the amount of coins in the machine…the change person will coordinate with the slot key person to issue payoffs. Another part of the job is making sure the customer signs a receipt for the payout. Change people have a strenuous job, always on the move, back and forth throughout the slot machine area of the casino. They often start earning at or near minimum wage, but may earn more from tips. Nearby, a booth cashier provides change persons with a money bank at the start of each shift. The booth cashier also counts and audits the money drawer. Patrons can also come to the booth for change, to cash in vouchers and to redeem money for chips. These are high-stress jobs; every move you make is watched and recorded. You are “on camera” all of the time you are on the caino floor. Both jobs require the ability to calculate and communicate quickly and carefully—often amid a lot of noise!


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